In the cities people started to breathe clean air again

and tumours decreased by 88%.

The mid-seasons and spring finally came back.


The latest book by Mariafrancesca Villani

Naples – Bagnoli, 2052. Nicole is a ninety-year-old “girl” on a trip to the beautiful Bagnoli neighbourhood park, with her grandchildren. Bagnoli has been finally returned to life and to its unique beauty. Just what all Neapolitans hope to see! From a park bench, facing the wonderful beach and those crystalline waters, Nicole leaves a precious “legacy” to Clara and Dario, her grandchildren, who listen to her bewitched. Naples, the world that was and the world of the future, merge into one, leaving the reader with the exciting flavour of hope, but also the disenchantment of reality.
This is the end of the first part of this debut novel, which just like a Matryoshka doll, opens up to reveal two more stories, based on actual events. These stories bring us back down to earth. To the real world.
There is the author’s personal journey, her compelling life and her desire to keep fighting to achieve goals and objectives. Can something seemingly impossible to reason, but imaginable in one’s heart, be defined as plausible? The answer is in the last act: the story of the theft of a bicycle magically closes the circle and reveals an opportunity for the unthinkable reality of 2052 which seemed naively imaginative at the start. Will Ciro and Rosa’s newly-found awareness be able to bring about a different Naples, a new humanity?

Titolo Libro
Titolo Libro

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Here is a present for you… the first chapter of  its sequel! 

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